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Photo-op Freaks People Out - Imagine That!

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Apparently the US government took advantage of clear weather and an uninformed public today to get some pictures of their shiny VC-25 with a few fighter jets. Unfortunately, the public didn’t appear to be informed about the plans and assumed a low flying aircraft might just be a bad thing.

If this is the truth of the matter this is very sad. In a world where we ask individuals and businesses to be vigilant, to take terrorism seriously, and to trust our government to protect us – why would we literally fly in the face of that and taunt an already frightened public with a stunt like this? To get pictures? Hi guys – photoshop, please.

We don’t like things like security warnings that you are supposed to click through because they de-sensitize people to threats – they remove the value of warnings when a threat is present. In this case, I’m not so sure how much you can do if another 747 is actually intent on hitting a building but lets not tell people that they should spend any time at all debating about whether or not it’s another government photo op.