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How Becoming More Civilized Makes Us Less Secure

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InformIT just published an article from Chris Nickerson which describes some of the training we inherently receive in life.  You are taught things like “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” which are intended to make society as a whole function better and make everyone nicer to each other. This works great until someone chooses to exploit your concern for being rude and puts you in a position where you should question them, but are not likely to do so. Read the article, it’s 5-10 minutes and gives a great perspective on the risk associated with these mindsets. Chris makes the point that while Disney films have had a large impact on telling life lessons which promote better relationships between people, those same lessons weaken our ability to question that which doesn’t seem quite right. The maintenance guy you have never seen before, the phonecall that doesn’t sound quite like the CEO, or that email that looks legitimate but has something wrong. You want to question these things – but do you?